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Wiesemann Solutions provides an extensive array of security measures, encompassing background-checked and uniformed security personnel who are specially trained to both prevent and handle emergencies. This ensures the safeguarding of individuals, physical assets and confidential information.

Wiesemann Solutions prioritizes the training of its security personnel, implementing rigorous programs tailored to cater to the specific needs and emergency response protocols of their clients

In facility management, we excel in maintaining and optimizing the functionality of buildings and infrastructure, ensuring they operate smoothly and efficiently. This includes services such as maintenance, cleaning, security and utilities management

  • Maintenance: The Team is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the Facility infrastructure, offices and other assets owned by the Client. Provision of Alternate power supply, such as generator, Solar inverter unit. Quarterly maintenance of the Generator will be provided.
  • Cleaning: Wiesemann Solutions Ltd will maintain a running stock of cleaning supplies & materials. This will be part of a general inventory management effort, to enable us track & manage supply levels to ensure consistent quality service delivery.
  • Security: Wiesemann Solutions Ltd are to ensure the safety of the facility, take and keep records of incoming and outgoing vehicles and visitors. All members of the security team will report directly to the Facility supervisor including at the beginning & end of their shifts.
  • Utility management: Wiesemann Solutions Ltd will effectively look at all the things that impact on utility usage, such as any over or under use of services, streamlining a facilities layout, and looking at alternatives to current suppliers.


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